Kingdom Hearts: Skywalker’s Adventure First Arc World List. In order of appearance.

This is definitely the World List:

1 - The City of the Stars (Hollywood, Los Angeles, Earth. Cloud’s Homeworld).

2 - Disney Town (All Original Disney Characters home)

3 - Neverland (Peter Pan, 1953)

4 - Man-village (The Jungle Book, 1967)

5 - Notthingham (Robin Hood, 1973)

6 - Hawaii and Deep Space (Lilo and Stitch, 2002)

7 - Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie The Pooh and the Honey Tree, 1966 Note: This world will be in Black and White due to form part on one of Cloud’s Nostalgic Dreams

8- Prankster’s Paradise (Pinocchio, 1940. Note: Cloud’s diary will register Jiminy Cricket along as the Spirit of the Past Christmas from Mickey’s Christmas Carol from 1983)

9- Beast’s Castle (The Beauty and the Beast, 1991. Note: First world in which the Stormtroopers begin to emerge thanks to the Dark Tunnels)

10 - Halloween Town (Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993)

11 - Agrabah (Aladdin, 1992)

12 - Atlantica (The Little Mermaid, 1989)

13 - New world (Pocahontas, 1995)

14 - Hawaii 2nd Travel (A Stitch Movie and Lilo and Stitch TV series, 2003/04)

15 - Agrabah 2nd Travel (The Return of Jafar, 1994)

16 - Andy’s Room (Toy Story, 1995)

17 - Prydain (The Black Cauldron, 1985)

18 - A Galaxy Far, Far Away (Star Wars Unvierse)

Featured Planets in A Galaxy Far, Far Away:

1 - Tatooine

2 - Kamino

3 - Kashyyyk

4 - Yavin 4

5 - Corellia

6 - Rhen Var

7 - Coruscant



Muppets Most Wanted is out on DVD, but we can’t get Party Central. This is a problem that must be resolved. Come on, Pixar.

Someone must upload it or ask for its release. But if they don’t release it for a reason, I WON’T upload ANY fanart of the PNKs, not even NSFW of them made by me. I was working on a Kingdom Hearts fanfic that involves the PNKs and Claire in the third arc, but I think I will delay it.

Kingdom Hearts: Skywalker’s Adventure (Not another Sora X Riku yaoi fanfic)

When I was studying secondary, I had an idea of making a Kingdom Hearts / Star Wars crossover comic. And then i have the idea of a whole story in long three argumental arcs. Events of the main character are on Earth in Los Angeles. Star Wars world will be named A Galaxy Far, Far Away… with all events 1.000 years after the movies stories and has more elements of fun and action than the original Kingdom Hearts games. And almost forgot…. All arcs have motifs. I will start with a resume of the first arc. Then, I will tell the worlds.

1st Arc (Motif: Cinema and TV).(Years of Event: 2005 on Earth, 1019 ABY in a Galaxy Far, Far Away… - 2008 on Earth, 1022 ABY in A.G.F.F.A.) A 14 years old Human/Kiffar hybrid named Cloud Skywalker starts to worry about his father’s dissapearance five years ago and thinks he’s still alive. So in the night between May 19 and May 20 to see a Strange Light in the VHS Player of his room, and then finds the gate to Disney Town. A strange man in robes tells Cloud that Ventus Skywalker, his father, is still alive and Cloud accepts to search for his father. But before that, he must go to Mickey’s house to receive the training of a Keyblade Knight and then beggining a long adventure. When he comes to Mickey’s house, Cloud discovers that the man in robes is a Gijinka version of Mickey Mouse disguised as a strange man and then after three months of training, Mickey, before Cloud could go to A Galaxy Far, Far Away from Tatooine to Coruscant (Because for a Fourth Galactic Empire that helps and uses the Heartless as soldiers and pilots and has taken all planets in the Galaxy, the only way to access for a Keyblade Knight to this world is the Jundland Wastes) Mickey decides to test him sending to some worlds that need the help of a hero to stop the heartless invasion. But before, he needed the company of Donald and Goofy until he could form a team. 

After the three first worlds were completed, Cloud meets his childhood friend, Sephiroth Kenobi, a 16 years old Scottish that came from a well economically positioned family as Cloud’s. Sephiroth has as a weapon a Lightsaber named Masamune, and decides to call Cloud’s one Excalibur (He has a Keyblade turnable Light saber)

In September 2 of 2006 (1024 ABY), Cloud recieves some “presents” from his father that he had in storage when Cloud reaches the age of Disney Princesses (16 years old). The first is the Blast Bullet, a modified 1985 Honda 500 Interceptor with shields, laser guns and with boosters that could make the bike go to the speed of 450 Km/H. The second is his first droid, a femmenine programming fox-eared, fox-tailed anthro AT-AT named Ceres Veers, that is known as a MultiPurposal Droid with her code as MPD-1 being created and buildt by Ventus Skywalker. Ceres starts with Cloud to follow him in combats and then in the next chapters, appears the Imperial Stormtroopers of the Fourth Empire now being noticed than Cloud is searching his father. So the Empire starts a fierce combat against Cloud alone until a man named Ansem Fel and his grandson Ground appear. Ground is a long lost Cloud’s cousin, armed with a futuristic gunblade and expert in thunder magic and force pull. And Ansem is the real Emperor. They tell Cloud that an Officer named Farkas Tyranno started to experiment with the Heartless when discovered some old scripts about the darkness and the dark side and was ordered to stop by the Emperor due to the danger of the project. But he didn’t followed orders and the darkness corrupted him and turned him in Darth Goliathus and then started to clone the Emperor to replace the original emperor for a Heartless clone. When all happened, Ventus was defending the palace but the forces of the Heartless were victorius and Ventus had to hide in the Jedi Temple ruins, only merging to the most dangerous zones of the planet in where even the Heartless would never search him. Then, Cloud starts to realize than he needs a team to find his father. Then Ground comes to him, but for bad surprise, Sephiroth Kenobi betrays Cloud and joins the Empire as he was disinherited by a problem in what Sephiroth was suspiciously involved. Tells Cloud that after many attacks against the Empire in some Disney Worlds, the Fourth Empire has placed a reward on Cloud and Sephiroth accepted it. Then begins a battle between the friends in wich Sephiroth loses his left hand. Then Sephiroth retreats and drops a Galaxy Far, Far Away star map. Then Cloud decides it’s time to pass to action. So Ground and Ceres join to the group and they appear on Jundland Wastes.

With both suns of Tatooine burning their skins (except Ceres), Cloud and Ground decide to find the Lars Homestead in a possibility to find a vehicle since he can’t use Blast Bullet in this world. So they find an old V-35 Courier with the hope that after a millenium could still work. And then, when Ceres repaired it, she drives directly with Cloud and Ground in the search of Mos Eisley. After arriving Mos Eisley, Ground contacts with a Wookiee Pilot named Barret. Barret was a light-brown haired Wookiee armed with a fussion of a Bowcaster and Ryyk Knife called Halberd and was an expert on magnet magic. Barret told that the Empire is attacking Kashyyyk and they have a Shistavanen called Hyena Sivrak as a hostage so the group decides to rescue her. When they arrived to Kashyyyk, it was the first time that Cloud would face Darth Goliathus. The battle ended in a tie, so the team could rescue Hyena and then departed to another planet in which the Rebels could act, Rhen Var. 

Hyena is a small 14 years old Shistavanen armed with Vibroblades with the size of a Dagger and was an expert on ice magic, so she could control ice that could be useful in Rhen Var. When they arrived to the planet, Cloud felt the force in the temple. And then found a Holocron that could be shining if his father was near. Then, thanks to one of the fire magic usage of Cloud, a Jango Fett clone that was frozen during centuries was found, his code name was CT- 1492 and his nick Altair. Altair was wearing a Green Striped Phase 1 Clone armor and his face had a scar that could make you confuse him with Boba Fett. But in the middle of a talking about the changes during the years, Ceres was kidnapped by the Empire. Apparently, Cloud had a hidden locator for Ceres and knew where to find her. In a Jafar-Class Star Destroyer called the Undertaker. Cloud fled the Eagle of the Century, Barret’s YT-2000 light freighter in one of the hangars of the Undertaker and locates Ceres in one of the labs. When she was kidnapped, in a slip of time, she downloaded the map of the Undertaker and decided one thing, that was taking the control of the ship to use it as a bait for a plan to infiltrate in Coruscant. So, they take it to the rest of the Rebel Fleet, and by orders of captain Cid Ackbar, they try to make a surprise that could allow them to take Coruscant and end with the fake of the palace.

The plan was going good. When the party arrived to Coruscant in the Undertaker, Cloud took a Shuttle to fly to Coruscant Air Space and use the Holocron obtained in Rhen Var to search his father. And he finds him. When Cloud looked like as a black haired and taller version of Sora with heterocromy (right eye was blue and left was brown), Ventus looked like Terra with long hair and big beard. Then father and son talk about the things happened and starts a plan to make the fake Ansem to go away from. And then, the space battle began. But in the planet, Darth Goliathus was waiting to battle agaist both. Both Ventus and Cloud were wounded, but Cloud was able to cut off Darth Goliathus’ right arm and destroy the blade. But with a Sith Heartless like Goliathus, there was nothing they could do to make him normal, so Ceres shoots a rocket to one of the weakest points of the Jedi Temple and was forced to escape. Goliathus makes a last appearance saying these quotes “You won’t escape, Skywalker, your death will be imminent”. But Sephiroth Kenobi returns for a last time to redeem himself and help Cloud. Then, the Temple collapses with Goliathus and Sephiroth inside (Sephiroth survives since he was hiding and then when they believed he was dead, he changed his prothesic hand for an organic one, changes his clothes to a grey mandalorian armor and he changes his name to StarBlade). But the attack called the attention of the Fake Ansem. Then the Real Ansem forces the Fake to reveal his identification, Darth Xemnas, one of the thirteen terribles (a tribute to the Organization XIII) and run over Coruscant. Then merges a new Triumvirate, and Ventus returns to Earth just to see his grandparents for the last time, since they were dying. When they died, they left their Holywood mansion to Ventus, Aqua, Cloud and Ceres. Then, Ground decides to join Cloud and start a new life on Earth. But something in Coruscant merges. A human Farkas Tyranno fully recovered and without powers finds some Cloud’s DNA samples and tries to make a new menace to the Triumvirate, so that’s the end of the First Arc.